AQE Tutoring Belfast


Learning Process

 All children naturally learn at their own pace.

However during the AQE process, children must demonstrate an advanced competency in Literacy and Numeracy by completing 3 exams in a set time frame.

 I evaluate each pupil, identify areas of difficulty and tailor my tutoring techniques to each individual pupil's needs. I can't guarantee success, but I can help your child catch up or even get ahead.


On the road to AQE success!

At AQE Tutoring Belfast, I offer the following services: 

'One to One' tutoring for an hour, after school, in your home ( In East or South Belfast only) at a rate of £30 per hour.


 A Saturday morning intensive 'catch up' class for 2 hours at my home in East Belfast. Class size is guaranteed to be no larger than 5 pupils, cost is only £40 for the session. 10am to 12pm.

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